New book by the amazing Anne Tyler

Vinegar Girl is Anne Tyler’s delightful contribution to The Hogarth Shakespeare project, which has has some of today’s best novelists put a modern spin on Shakespeare’s most beloved works. Tyler bases her poignant yet hilarious book on The Taming of the Shrew. Thorny Kate Battista is in a rut. She’s tired of managing every household detail for her father, an eccentric scientist, and her shallow, pretty younger sister, Bunny. She works as a pre-school assistant teacher, and she’s  in hot water for her abrupt but honest manner with parents and faculty, even if the children do love her.

Kate’s father, Dr. Battista, is  a research scientist in a quandary. He is close to a break-through in an important a research project he has been working on for years. However, Pyotr, the brilliant  young scientist who assists him,  has received  notice he will soon face deportation.  Without Pyotr,  Dr. Battista doubts he can ever finish the research. So he hatches a plan to keep  Pyotr in the country. He wants Katie to marry his research assistant. Katie is livid. This time, her father is asking way too much of her. But will she be able to resist joining in her father’s preposterous scheme?

The characters are so delightful and funny I laughed on every surprisingly touching page.  I think you will enjoy this one. Pease let me know what you think after you read it.